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Posted on czerwiec 22, 2020 | 0 comments



The very First Michelin Star in Krakow  belongs to Restaurant  “Bottiglieria 1881”

I must say that  this great reward is fully deserved  by this restaurant , which is a place famous not only for food but above all for the  one and only atmosphere ! Please have a look  at how  they describe themselves, as it says a lot about this place and people who create it! My congratulations!

” Bottiglieria 1881 is an extraordinary place. Born out of passion for wine and love for people.

First there was wine

Bottiglieria 1881 wouldn’t come to life if it weren’t for the passion for wine. The idea of opening a winery was maturing in the founder’s head – Robert Gumuliński – for many years. His love for wine emerged after one of his first trips to Italy. Initially he was thinking about opening a wine-bar. He wanted to create something exceptional and finally he decided to combine wine with cuisine. Bottiglieria 1881 was opened in 2013. We offer several hundred wines of diversified taste and aroma – from classic and simple to more sophisticated. They are cared for by professional sommeliers. Our wine is stored in special conditions – in constant temperature and the appropriate level of humidity. We do our best to enable our guests to taste wine with an undistorted aroma.

High quality of products is a sign of respect of our guests

In our kitchen we use best quality local products. We know we need time and patience to achieve exceptional taste. We put all our effort into our dishes, we do not speed things up artificially. We gain products from small suppliers who use old traditional techniques, e.g. in the production of butter or cream. We focus on the freshness of the ingredients – we order meat from trusted farmers, and we get the fish straight from the pond. We believe that exceptional taste consists of carefully selected products, therefore olive oil comes to us from the Italian region of Apulia.

 Authentic cuisine, a talented team

We want the visit in our restaurant to become a true culinary experience. The dishes are prepared in front of our guests and refined in every way. Bottiglieria 1881 cuisine is a feast of tastes, distinctive combinations and diversity of structures. Our chefs ensure the visual side of the dishes, that is why they look like masterpieces. They are a feast for all senses, including the artistic one. Behind all this stands a creative and committed team. We want to be authentic and share out passion and mastery with you.

 A unique, eclectic interior

Bottiglieria 1881 is a restaurant with an eclectic interior. Each detail here has its own history. Our restaurant is located in a residential building from the late 19. century. The building only maintained its shape, and the new look of the place is the result of work and unique vision of architects and artisans. Wooden elements, made by best carpenters, are well-combined with the contemporary wine displays. In Bottiglieria 1881 strong and authentic materials prevail: wood, stone, forged steel, crystal. The mastery and precision of stonemasons and blacksmiths make our place exceptional. Each element is of the highest quality.

 Care for every detail

We want each visit to our restaurant to be a fully fascinating experience – and we are glad to give our guests a tour around the place. We do everything we can to narrow the gap between us and our guests. The professional service does its best to make the guests feel at home. We want to share our passion and knowledge with the guests, making their each visit here exceptional at all measures.”

-by “Bottiglieria 1881” website

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