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Posted on czerwiec 17, 2019 | 0 comments



This fantastic reservoir is located just beyond the city centre.

Zakrzówek with  its tempting blue water is very  popular with Cracovians for swimming, scuba diving or cliff diving in summer time.

The  impressive surrounding limestone bluffs and woods are another added value of this area and  additional attraction  for sport lovers. It is also a great place  for summer picnics, walks, nordic walking, biking or  hiking and rock-climbing.

Summer has come  so it’s high time to spend our weekends on outdoor activities and Zakrzówek is a great place for it! Even though water sports are not allowed  this year, there are still a lot of other sport activities  awaiting there for you !

Hope you enjoy it!

Ps. Legend has it that Kraków’s legendary alchemist Mr Twardowski, had his workshop in one of the caves  which makes the place even more magical !

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