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Posted on lipiec 13, 2020 | 0 comments



The most picturesque   and  best preserved street  in the old town of Krakow.

In the Middle Ages it was a part of Okół   settlement, located between the city of Kraków and Wawel Castle. Okół was incorporated into Krakow in the first part of the 14th  century. Kanonicza was also the final  and the most splendid section of The Royal Route.

The street was known as the “ canonicorum “, the name derived from canon of Wawel Cathedral who resided there.

The mansions located along the street  date back to the Middle Ages. They have beautiful Renaissance and baroque  facades , decorated with impressive portals & wrought iron escutcheons.

Worth noticing are:

The Mansion of Bishop Erazm Ciołek standing at No. 17-  currently, it houses a branch of the National Museum in Kraków

The Deanery  at No. 21- which  is today home to the Archdiocesan Museum

The Długosz Mansion  at No. 25

The Chapter House at No. 5- which used to be home to Tadeusz Kantor  Documentation Center

The Knights House  at No 6

and many more which you may find out about during our common sightseeing 😉

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