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Posted on wrz. 28, 2020 | 0 comments



A perfect example of  one of Krakow’s Bourgeois houses!

“The exhibition Bourgeois house shows characteristics of different interiors as they had changed over the centuries. We can be sure that this is the way; former rich citizens of Krakow lived. Furniture, paintings, fabrics, various objects and the decoration perfectly simulate the climate of past times and its habitants.

Exhibition of interiors was arranged on two levels in the Hipolit House. We can see a study of rich burghers from 17th century, which decoration is stucca of B. Fontana. Next to it, there is a small study with a preserved cabinet.
Next, we move to the bedroom decorated with rococo pastel paintings and furniture decorated with flowers. Onwards we move lo living room, filled with furniture from different eras which is setup the way it was set in the past. Walls were filled with paintings as burghers were eager to collect them.
The biggest room is the collectioners’ hall. At the time of Galician Autonomy many of Kraków’s citizens and settling immigrants gathered beautiful collections of present and past art. The collections filled apartments, making them into museums like the collector’s room.
On the second floor there is an apartment from the 19th century. Grandmother’s room is old-fashioned but homelike, lumbered up with trinkets. Daughter’s room is modest, and unassumingly simple, not over decorated.
In the main part of the living area is the dining room. A table in the center and a hanging oil lamp gives a warm light. Big carved sideboard is set with various vessels, next there on the table sits a shining samovar.
The spacious saloon tells us a lot about the landlord as we can see a piano and a big couch. It is decorated with paintings and rugs, many trinkets and branchy palm.
At the end we can visit the bedroom with many nuptial beds. Two pigeons from gilded painting frame remind us of longevity of marriage.”  by MK website

If you are a a fan of  “time travels” this museum takes you back to the 17th century!

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